KION IoT Systems GmbH

Wangen (Allgäu), Germany

From generating ideas to full implementation: KION IoT Systems GmbH develops innovative digital applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), with a focus on improving the connectivity of trucks and products made by KION brand companies such as Linde, STILL, and Dematic.

The digitalization specialists ensure that the expectations of KION brand company customers with regard to product connectivity and the availability of clear, real-time performance data will continue to be met in the future. In addition to the focus on user applications, the cloud, and communications gateways in the control units of forklift trucks and warehouse technology, the IoT experts also develop embedded software for a wide range of platforms. Working with strategic partners, they also define the specifications for customized hardware components.

A close worldwide network with other teams in the KION Group allows the KION digitalization experts to put their strengths to the best possible use, so that no question regarding the Internet of Things remains unanswered within the Group.


KION IoT Systems GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 20-2
88239 Wangen