KION Stříbro

Stříbro, Czech Republic

The state-of-the-art plant near the Czech town of Stříbro close to Plzeň is equipped with digitally connected systems to create a 'smart factory'. The new factory have been set up to KION Group's ideal material flow. The processes are completely transparent and are managed, monitored and documented using IT systems.

The KION Stříbro plant is currently building reach trucks for the Linde brand. Production got under way at the start of January 2016. The plant has the capacity to manufacture 12,000 trucks per year.

The plant in Stříbro is the KION Group's third site in the Czech Republic. Linde Pohony (LiPo) makes steering axles and electric and hydrostatic drive axles for the KION Group in Český Krumlov. JULI is a joint venture of the KION Group near Brno and builds electric motors. The total number of people working at the three sites is around 1,200.

The existing KION site in Stříbro was extended by a factory for automated conveyor systems, which will cover an area of 23,000 square meters. The new factory will serve the European market, manufacturing multi-shuttles and modular conveyor systems for Dematic's automated storage and retrieval systems. These modular components can be combined in different ways to offer a wide range of functionality and can be tailored exactly to the particular needs of customers.