Management Functions

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board has 16 members. According to the German Co-Determination Act, it is made up of an equal number of shareholder and employee representatives. The representatives of the shareholders are chosen by the Shareholders’ Meeting, the representatives of the employees are chosen according to the regulations of Co-Determination Law.

The Supervisory Board appoints the executives and monitors and advises them in the running of the company.

Executive Board

The Executive Board runs the company and leads its business. It develops the company’s strategy and ensures that this is implemented. The executives are bound to the company interests and committed to increasing the sustainable growth of the company.

The Executive Board is responsible for the annual and long-term planning of the company and for the preparation of the annual and group financial statements. It regularly and promptly reports to the Supervisory Board on all issues relevant to the Group concerning strategy, the medium-term company planning, the business development, the risk situation and the risk management.

Members of the Executive Board of KION GROUP AG the KION Digital Campus (from left to right):
Eike Böhm (Chief Technology Officer), Susanna Schneeberger (Chief Digital Officer), Anke Groth (Chief Financial Officer), Gordon Riske (Chief Executive Officer), Ching Pong Quek (Chief Asia Pacific Officer)

Shareholders’ Meeting

The Shareholders’ Meeting fulfils important tasks, e.g. the declaration of the annual financial statement prepared by the Executive Board and approved by the Supervisory Board. In addition, the internal rules of procedure state that individual transactions of particular importance are subject to agreement by the shareholders’ meeting.