Vision & Strategy

Our company values Integrity, Collaboration, Courage and Excellence inform our individual actions and our collaboration with colleagues, superiors, employees, customers, suppliers and applicants. They make us what we are.

Our Vision

The KION Group is much more than the sum of its brands and regions. We are the best company in the world at understanding the customers’ material handling needs and providing the right solutions.

The KION Group Strategy "KION 2027"

“KION 2027” provides guidance on the strategic direction to be taken by the KION Group over the next decade. At the core of the strategy lies the range of material handling solutions offered to customers. The KION Group wants to evolve more towards being a solution provider. Five strategic fields of action have been defined for the “KION 2027” strategy:

Fields of action for the “KION 2027” strategy

The KION Group Strategy essentially encompasses five strategic fields of action for the “KION 2027” strategy.

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