The KION Group is expanding its sales and service network in China

The KION Group is setting a new milestone on its growth path in Asia and expanding its sales and service network in China. Under the name 'Shaanxi KION Intelligent Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd.', KION subsidiary Linde MH (China) has established a new distributor company in Xi'an, the capital of the central Chinese province of Shaanxi. The KION Group aims to benefit sustainably from the growing demand for intralogistics solutions in China and to further expand the customer base of its brands Linde MH and Baoli, particularly in the value segment.

The newly established Shaanxi KION Intelligent Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd. combines the product portfolio and technical know-how of the global intralogistics provider with the outstanding market access and expertise of local partners. The Group intends to expand its own sales network with more partnerships and local dealers so as to better serve Linde MH and Baoli customers.

The official opening ceremony together with its diverse supporting program took place in Xi’an, which is known around the world as the home of the legendary Terracotta Army. Trade association representatives, business partners and employees were present in compliance with local hygiene regulations.

At the opening ceremony, CP Quek, President KION Industrial Trucks and Solutions (ITS) Asia Pacific & Americas, described the establishment of the new company as an important step in the expansion of the company within the Chinese market, “With the partnership agreed today, we are consistently continuing the course of the KION Group’s growth in China. Together with our partners, we have set ourselves the long-term goal of expanding our sales networks and strengthening our position as a leading provider of intralogistics solutions in China. We look forward to working together on innovative solutions and the premium services that we offer to our customers.”

Achieve growth with strong partners

For Wei Jianyu, Managing Director of Shaanxi KION Intelligent Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd, the cooperation with the KION Group is particularly meaningful. Not only has he expertise in the industry, but also important networks and insights into the local market. Emphasizing the company’s overriding goal of customer-centric action, he stated “Today’s joint venture is a continuation of our enduring relationship of trust. We are confident that together we can achieve our goals”.

According to the “World Industrial Truck Statistics” (WITS), China already accounts for around 40 percent of the global market for industrial trucks, and, in line with estimates by Zhang Jie, Secretary General of the China Industrial Truck Association (CITA), this trend is increasing, “As the world’s largest country in the forklift market, in which the intelligent, digital, connected industry continues to expand its areas of application, the future market for industrial trucks is still in the recovery phase and will definitely continue to develop with high demands.”

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