Thinking globally – for greater added value

To achieve the full impact of our KION Strategy 2020, we have to think globally. We are a serious global player, represented in over 100 countries. Our 23,500-plus employees play their part each and every day to ensure that supermarket shelves are always fully stocked, that online bargains are delivered on schedule, and that components reach the assembly line just in time. Some 1,400 sales and service outlets with almost 14,000 service engineers around the world guarantee that the KION Group and its seven brands are always on track in their mission to create value for their customers.

And it is no different for our production operations, which consist of 13 facilities for the production of industrial trucks in 9 countries. From Hamburg, Germany, or Holland in the US state of Michigan all the way to Indaiatuba near São Paulo, Brazil, or Pune in India. From Summerville in South Carolina, USA, to Xiamen or Jingjiang in eastern China. From Châtellerault in France to StÅ™íbro in the Czech Republic via Aschaffenburg in Germany. Our global structure gives us huge potential to work even more efficiently and strategically to meet our clients’ requirements – no matter where in the world they will be using our equipment. Because the KION Group intelligently combines its expertise and its skills. No matter where.

For instance, the vertical order picker that the KION Group is developing around the world for the North American market, where there is growing demand for a warehouse truck that can load high-bay storage racks. Seven thousand kilometres to the east, at KION Warehouse Systems in Reutlingen, south-west Germany, a wealth of product knowledge is being channelled into this project.

And another 9,000 kilometres further east, in the Chinese city of Xiamen where around a third of our 1,000-plus developers are based, engineers are taking it from series development through to production readiness – all to increase our market share in North America. And the vertical order picker will be made available in China too. This is just one example of how the KION Group uses platforms, and more importantly an example of how we can exploit the full potential of our Strategy 2020. Globally.