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IR team from left to right: Sebastian Ubert, Andrea Koegler-Ihler, Raj Junginger, Kathrin Boeck, Fabian Giese

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Sebastian Ubert

Vice President Investor Relations

Andrea Koegler-Ihler

Senior Manager Investor Relations

Raj Junginger

Senior Manager Investor Relations

Fabian Giese

Senior Manager Investor Relations

Kathrin Böck

Assistant Investor Relations

Voting Rights Notifications

Please send your voting rights notifications by e-mail to this e-mail address:

...or by fax to: +49 69 20 110 1011

Company Address

Investor Relations
Thea-Rasche-Strasse 8
60549 Frankfurt am Main

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Corporate Governance

Executive Board and Supervisory Board are responsible for the company in accordance with the statutory provisions for stock corporations.


Why sustainable practices are a basis for our success.


Executive and Supervisory Board of KION GROUP AG.
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