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The rapid growth of e-commerce is one of the drivers of the world economy and our business. Global value chains and supply chains require considerable capital expenditure on warehousing and logistics. Automated supply chain solutions are becoming increasingly important since in many sectors efficient intralogistics are now a decisive factor in a company’s competitiveness.

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We currently have more than 42,000 employees and generated revenue of approx. € 11.4 billion in the 2023 financial year. At the end of 2023, more than 1.8 million forklift trucks and warehouse equipment of us were in use by customers from all manner of sectors and of varying sizes on six continents.

Our solutions ensure the smooth flow of materials and information in customers’ warehouses, production plants, and distribution centers in over 100 countries. We are one of the world’s leading providers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment as well as supply chain solutions.

We are the largest manufacturer of industrial trucks in the EMEA region (based on the number of units sold in 2022). We are also one of the world’s leading warehouse automation providers (based on 2022 revenue).

We shape intralogistics: The AI platform of the future

Our Portfolio

Material handling solutions to match every customer

Our full spectrum of services includes forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, as well as integrated automation technologies and software solutions for the optimization of supply chains - including all related services.

  • Industrial Trucks & Services
  • Supply Chain Solutions

Driving the transformation of intralogistics to emission free warehouses

Our brands

Market leaders

Linde Material Handling

Linde Material Handling is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forklifts and warehouse trucks. A technology pioneer, it offers a wide range of industrial trucks, driver assistance systems, fleet management and comprehensive service options.

Linde Material Handling started in 1904 as Güldner Motoren-Gesellschaft. In France the Linde products and services are sold under the well-known Fenwick brand.

Product portfolio

  • Electric, fuel cell and conventionally powered trucks,
  • Warehouse trucks,
  • Hand pallet trucks,
  • Fleet management software,
  • Automation solutions,
  • Driver assistance systems,
  • Financing and leasing solutions,
  • Operator training,
  • A wide range of services for industrial trucks.


STILL, a manufacturer of forklift trucks, warehouse trucks and intralogistics systems, has been a leading innovator for decades and has a focus on the European and Brazilian markets.

STILL was founded in Hamburg (Germany) in 1920.

Product portfolio

  • Electric, fuel cell and conventionally powered trucks,
  • Warehouse trucks and customized services,
  • Complete warehouse systems,
  • Automation and fleet management solutions.


Dematic is the global leader in innovative, integrated supply chain automation technologies, software and services.

Dematic started in 1819 as Mechanische Werkstätten Harkort & Co. and is part of the KION Group since 2016.

Product portfolio

  • Intelligent software,
  • Conveyor systems,
  • Sorters,
  • Automated guided vehicle systems,
  • Automated warehouse systems,
  • Light- and voice-controlled order processing,
  • Automated palletizers,
  • Comprehensive customer service.


Baoli is our global brand for forklift trucks in the value segment and offers its customers a wide range of forklift trucks as well as warehouse equipment and related services. Baoli trucks combine European development and engineering expertise with a cost-efficient production base in China. Baoli provides customers with reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain trucks for their day-to-day operations.

Baoli started in 2003 and is part of the KION Group since 2009.

Product portfolio

  • Forklift trucks with electric, Li-ion, Diesel and Gas drives with a load capacity from 1 ton to 32 tons.
  • Warehouse equipment.
  • Related services.

Fenwick (by Linde Material Handling)

In France the products and services of Linde Material Handling are sold under the well-known Fenwick brand.

Linde Material Handling is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forklifts and warehouse trucks. A technology pioneer, it offers a wide range of industrial trucks, driver assistance systems, fleet management and comprehensive service options.

Linde Material Handling started in 1904 as Güldner Motoren-Gesellschaft.

Product portfolio

  • Electric, fuel cell and conventionally powered trucks,
  • Warehouse trucks,
  • Hand pallet trucks,
  • Fleet management software,
  • Automation solutions,
  • Driver assistance systems,
  • Financing and leasing solutions,
  • Operator training,
  • A wide range of services for industrial trucks.


OM combines the strengths of the former Indian forklift truck brand 'Voltas' and the long-established Italian brand 'OM'. In the Indian market, the OM brand is one of the leading suppliers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, aiming different customer segments. OM is based on European engineering expertise and continuous improvements by the R&D center of KION India .

OM was building automobiles in Brescia (Italy), from 1917. OM was also manufacturing forklifts and warehouse equipment in Luzzara (Italy), from 1951. Voltas Material Handling has been part of the KION Group since 2011. The ‘OM Voltas’ co-branding was introduced in 2017, and since 2020 our products made in India are offered under the OM brand.

Product portfolio

  • Forklift trucks with internal combustion engines with a load capacity ranging from 1.5 to 16 tons,
  • Electric Forklift trucks with a load capacity ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 tons,
  • Warehouse equipment.

Our Regional Companies

Close to our customers

KION North America

We operate a sales, service and production facility in the US city of Summerville in South Carolina. It serves the North American market (US, Canada, Mexico). KION North America was established to meet the demands of the growing North American market. To increase market share, KION North America has created a product portfolio specifically tailored to meet US market demands. The Summerville site exclusively produces trucks for Linde Material Handling; however, industrial trucks from Linde and Baoli are also available for the North American market.

We also have a sales, service and production facility in South America. Located in Indaiatuba, Brazil, KION South America manufactures STILL and Linde trucks for the Brazilian and South American markets. Not far from São Paulo, KION South America continues to expand its reach of its sales and service network and parts supply, allowing it to ensure its position throughout South America.

The KION Group has had a presence in India, an important growth market, since 2011. KION India has been the country’s leading industrial truck and warehouse technology vendor since 2016.

In addition to the OM products, KION India also sells industrial trucks, warehouse technology and services from KION brands like Baoli and Linde, allowing the Group to serve the premium, value and economy segments.

In 2019 KION India has launched its new plant in Pune, Maharashtra – India's largest production facility for intralogistics equipment. Diesel and electric forklifts as well as battery-powered lift trucks and reach trucks are manufactured in the ultra-modern plant.

The new plant is equipped with a total of three assembly lines including a paint shop, parts warehouse and an R&D center, where the constantly changing requirements and trends of the Indian market are to be evaluated and corresponding future products developed.

KION India has a countrywide sales and service network consisting of over 40 locations and dealerships with over 100 sales outlets. KION India is also launching automated supply chain solutions from KION brand Dematic on the market.


KION South Asia has been operating from Singapore since 2012 as a central sales hub, spare parts warehouse, product and technical support centre as well as a shared services center for the important South, East and Southeast Asian growth market. The focus of its activities is centred around the forklift trucks brands, namely Linde, STILL and Baoli, as part of the KION Group multi-brand strategy.

Through its direct and dealer sales and service network, KION South Asia covers Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

KION Innovations

Our Corporate Services

Solutions from a single source

KION Group IT is a global team of experts working in a number of sites in Germany, UK, France, Italy, US and China. We work to steer the KION Group through the constantly changing technology landscape, bringing our extensive knowledge in digitalization, agile and classic project management and SAP. The globally organized unit provides cutting-edge IT services, ensuring the highest levels of business excellence across the KION Group.

The IT experts translate the trends that others are still just talking about – such as DevOps – into solutions for our business partners. We also ensure the efficiency of the operational processes of more than 35,000 KION Group employees around the world. They support them with cutting-edge technology – enabling each and every one of them to contribute to the company's success.

There are 600 of us at 54 locations around the world, working on a wide range of IT projects. Whether it's Microsoft Office 365, Azure Cloud, Java, or SAP S 4/Hana: Our professionals in KION Group IT are experts in their field – and giving our all to every individual project is a point of honor for them.

KION Financial Services meets the growing demand for made-to-measure financing solutions. Our financial service activities fulfil an important interface and service function. They are a key sales and customer retention tool, including the leasing business, which is part of sales financing, and the funding of short-term rental fleets. Separate financial services companies are deployed in the key markets of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. KION Financial Services is known as KION Rental Services in Italy and Spain.

KION IoT Systems, based in Wangen (Germany), develops new digital applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). The aim of its research and development work is to improve the connectivity of our brand companies’ products. Its task is to predict and meet customer expectations, including networking our products or making performance data available in real time and in a format that is easy to understand.

The KION Cloud serves as an intelligent interface allowing service technicians to connect with warehouse trucks and other systems to ensure a smooth maintenenance check. Additionally, our IoT experts develop a range of user applications and embedded software for a variety of platforms and specifcations for made-to-measure hardware components.

The KION IoT Systems team works closely with other KION Group teams across the globe and acts as our center of excellence for the Internet of Things (IoT).

KION Business Services Polska is our Center of Excellence for Finance & Accounting Services and is located in Krakow, Poland.

Key accounting tasks that were previously spread across various organizations at the KION Group's European locations are pooled at KION Business Services Polska. The experts are experienced in many areas including standardization and lean management, digital solutions implementation and robotic process automation.

The Krakow office was launched in October 2013. In 2020 we acquired the Center of Excellence with roughly 240 professionals.

Our milestones: A look back over our history

From the outset, our brands have been setting benchmarks and shaping our customers’ industries. Our combined history dates back to 1819, representing 200 years of deepening expertise and the continual use of innovative products and solutions, offering our customers scope for new business models. The ability to give customers the decisive competitive edge forms the basis for the successful future of our Group.

We keep the world moving.

In 2006, companies which were among the best and most innovative in the industry were brought together under one roof when the KION Group was established. Our objective was to become a leading innovator and provider of fully integrated solutions, offering exceptional added value to our global customers. We set the benchmark for an effective flow of materials and goods in the global economy of the 21st Century.


Our own fuel cell systems for industrial trucks

We have developed a 24-volt fuel cell system for warehouse trucks. Up to 5,000 fuel cell systems per year can be manufactured on the new production line at the Hamburg plant. A 48-volt system is to be added to the fuel cell portfolio in the next years.

New plant in China
New plant in Poland

Start of production at new plant in Jinan (China)

In the Chinese city of Jinan (Shandong Province), we inaugurate a plant for counterbalanced trucks with which we intend to significantly expand our product portfolio in order to exploit growth opportunities in the value segment.

On an area of almost 223,000 m² (= more than 31 soccer pitches), we have also set up a research and development center, a training center and an administrative area at the KION Jinan plant.

New plant in China
New plant in Poland

Start of production at new plant in Kołbaskowo (Poland)

We have opened a cutting-edge counterbalance truck plant in the Polish town of Kołbaskowo (near Szczecin) and have invested a total of around €80 million in the new plant. KION Polska adds to our existing European-wide production sites and will focus on products for customers in the EMEA region with less demanding applications.

Acquisition of Digital Applications International

We acquire UK software company 'Digital Applications International' (DAI), which specializes in logistics applications. DAI expands Dematic’s software portfolio, we gain specialist knowledge of logistics automation and supply chain engineering.

KION expands in India

With the extension of our Indian site in Pune, KION India, with a capital expenditure of €15 million, we are not only inceasing our production capacity, but we are also paving the way for the expansion of Dematic's innovative supply chain solutions in the Indian market.

KION focuses on digitalization

We are regarded as a digital pioneer in our sector. We open the first KION Digital Campus in Frankfurt.

New Headquarters
KION 2027

We manage our global business from Frankfurt am Main now

We start a new chapter with the opening of our new offices near Frankfurt airport. The commercial hub with its excellent infrastructure offers everything we need as a global business.

New Headquarters
KION 2027

KION formulates the KION 2027 strategy

We define our path toward further growth through our KION 2027 strategy. The key areas of action are digitalization, automation, efficient energy use, innovation, and performance.

Acquisition of Dematic

The acquisition of Dematic enables us to establish a second segment and become a leading global provider of supply chain solutions. Dematic is the leading specialist in automation, supply chain optimization, and warehouse software.

Acquisition of Egemin Automation

Investment in system solutions and automation

We acquire the Belgian company Egemin Automation, and we strengthen our warehouse systems expertise in North America with the acquisition of Retrotech. Systems solutions and warehouse automation are the key to our future growth.

Acquisition of Egemin Automation

KION North America presents new product portfolio

Linde Material Handling North America becomes KION North America. The company completely redesigns its product portfolio in line with the requirements of the North American market (USA, Canada, and Mexico).

KION India opens up the Indian market

Voltas Material Handling becomes KION India and expands its brand offering. In addition to manufacturing and selling products bearing the OM and OM Voltas brand names, KION India now also sells industrial trucks, warehouse technology, and services under the Baoli and Linde brands.

KION Group launches IPO

We make our debut on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on June 28, 2013. Our stock is listed on Deutsche Börse’s MDAX in 2014. The capital market is impressed by the Group’s performance and outlook for the future.

KION South America
New anchor investor

KION expands in South America

A new facility for the manufacture of forklift trucks and warehouse trucks is established in Indaiatuba (Brazil). KION South America represents an important step toward taking an even greater share of the Central and South American markets.

KION South America
New anchor investor

Anchor investor for the KION Group

Weichai Power invests in KION Group and becomes another anchor investor. Our new partner acquires an initial 25 per cent stake and ensures even better access to the Chinese market.

Founding of Voltas Material Handling

We establish Voltas Material Handling as an Indian joint venture for forklift trucks and warehouse trucks. Voltas focuses on selling its products on the Indian volume market.

Founding of Baoli as a joint venture

We play a key role in establishing the Chinese joint venture KION Baoli (Jiangsu) Forklift Co., Ltd. under the umbrella of the KION Group. The new Baoli brand initially produces and sells forklift trucks in the value segment on the Asian market, and later on all over the world. Baoli becomes a full member of the KION Group in 2011.

The beginnings of the KION Group

Linde AG brings together its truck business with the brands Linde, STILL, and OM under the umbrella of the KION Group. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners acquire the multi-brand group.

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