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Around 620 school leavers have an apprenticeship contract with us.

We offer apprenticeships for more than 15 professions at our various sites in Germany, including industrial administrator, mechatronics engineer, production mechanic and IT systems electrician, to mention a few. We also offer several programmes combining vocational training with a degree course in partnership with various cooperative universities, such as a bachelor of engineering degree (mechanical engineering) and a bachelor of arts degree (industry).

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KION Group IT (KION Information Management Services GmbH), with German sites in Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Aschaffenburg and Reutlingen, is a wholly owned subsidiary of KION GROUP AG. KION Group IT is the internal IT service provider for the various companies in the KION Group.

KION Group IT offers apprenticeships in the following professions:

The apprenticeships are offered in Hamburg and Aschaffenburg (Germany).


c/o KION Information Management Services GmbH

Human Resources
Thea-Rasche-Strasse 8
60549 Frankfurt am Main

Phone +49 (0) 69 20 110 7054

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KION Warehouse Systems GmbH in Reutlingen (Germany) is the competence centre for systems engineering in the KION Group. KION Warehouse Systems offers business apprenticeships, commercial/technical apprenticeships and internships for registered students.

KION Warehouse Systems offers apprenticeships in the following professions in Reutlingen:


KION Warehouse Systems GmbH

Human Resources

Ernst-Wagner-Weg 1-5

72766 Reutlingen-Mittelstadt


Phone +49 (0)7127.815-450

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