Vision & Strategy

Our values – leadership, innovation, and performance – make us what we are.

Our Vision

The KION GROUP AG intends to harness its global potential even more effectively, focusing on growth, profitability, resilience and capital efficiency in order to strengthen its position as one of the two leading companies in its industry worldwide.

Our strategy

The KION Group’s strategy is centred on international growth and strong profitability. Building on their leading position in western Europe and in the premium price segment, the KION Group wants to increase their market share in the core markets and in fast-growing markets outside western Europe in future. This is accompanied by a greater presence in the value and economy price segments.

The KION Group attaches particular importance to the fast-growing Asian and North American markets. It boosts the competitiveness of the global brands by stepping up use of shared modules and platforms.

The core element of KION Group’s Strategy is to make even better use of its strong global position and cross-brand synergies. The basis for this is the successful integrated business model with its high proportion of service business, as well as the multi-brand strategy.

Growth plans for Asia and the United States
Asia, especially China, plays a central role in the KION Group's growth plans. "We are deliberately developing product platforms beneath the premium segment that we can deploy worldwide," explained Riske. The KION Group believes that this will enable it to manufacture trucks for other growth markets far more efficiently and, as a result, more cheaply.

The KION Group also wants to gain a much stronger foothold in the United States. In order to increase market share there, the company continues to expand the product portfolio for the US market and offers additional services. It will do so by drawing on sufficient capacity reserves of an existing plant in South Carolina, using product platforms developed within the company and with the aid of an extensive existing dealer network. In its home market of Europe, the KION Group will continue to benefit from its position as the undisputed market leader in the premium segment.

Further process improvements
From production right through to marketing, sales and service, the KION Group fully exploits economies of scale and efficiency gains in every area. The purchasing and product development units collaborate closely. Capacity utilisation in the production facilities is to be stepped up while vertical integration will be constantly reviewed. Moreover, the Group's manufacturing facilities are brought even closer to its global sales markets.

Closer cooperation on research and development in growth markets
Multi-brand research and development (R&D) teams cooperate closely together at KION level, using shared worldwide platforms in the growth markets that are mainly developed at the KION Group's Chinese R&D centre. Meanwhile, the focus in Europe will be on shared, cross-brand modules. The R&D teams in Europe and the growth markets will share knowledge and information extensively.