Understanding innovation - for a 360° view of markets and customers

For the KION Group, innovation is much more than just the technology in our products and in our production. You only have to look at sales and marketing. Potential customers of any of our brands no longer have to go to the dealer for an overview of the equipment available. Whether it’s a new, pre-owned or rental truck – customers can now find what they’re looking for using an app or the online product advisor. Or the truck itself comes to the customer – as with KION North America’s Ranger project.

And the KION Group does not consider innovation to be the preserve of highly developed countries like those in western Europe. Our mission to fully understand our customers’ problems and help them find the most effective and efficient solution is a mission shared by KION brands the world over – whether it’s in the tropical heat of Malaysia, in the sugarcane fields of Brazil, or in the vast warehouses of India.

Innovation would not be possible without the highly motivated, highly trained employees who work for the KION Group – right across the planet. Young female apprentices in the male-dominated field of mechatronics, for example at STILL in Hamburg, are as fundamental to this progression as the development programmes for future talents in India, who aspire to escape the poverty of their villages through enthusiasm, skill and commitment at work. All this is focused on just one goal: helping to add value for KION Group customers.