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If you need a new digital camera, you'll more than likely look online. Or you use an App. But if you need a forklift truck? Well, you'd do the same, of course!

Jens Dwenger from STILL in Hamburg has been instrumental in launching the new and improved Forklift Finder. "Our customers can use this to find exactly what they need from our range of new, used and rental trucks," he says.

There's an App for everything these days: the weather forecast, share prices, sports results. Matt Dearman, Used Equipment Manager at Linde UK in Basingstoke, has helped to develop one for Used and Rental trucks. “The App allows our customers to quickly and easily view the latest stock of Linde Approved fork lift trucks,” he says. ”Their search can be filtered on their requirements such as truck type, lift height and budget.”

The way STILL’s Forklift Finder works is simple. "The customers enter their requirements," explains Dwenger. "Where the truck is going to be used, how it will be operated – sitting, standing, on the move – how much weight it needs to lift and how high, how wide the warehouse aisles are, what drive system it should have – manual, electric, hybrid, etc." All this is done on the website using an intuitive and clearly structured interface. Within no time at all, the customer will have requested an initial phone or email quote for a list of suitable trucks. The website gabelstapler.de is so easy to use and gets the job done quickly, helping customers to find the truck that's right for them. It's exactly as easy as ordering a camera!

"We built an App as an effective tool for our salesforce," says Matt Dearman. "Increasingly, we're seeing that most customers here in the UK are using mobile devices. That's why we wanted to offer solutions not just for PCs and laptops but also for mobile phones and tablets."

The App fulfils two roles: "Firstly it works as a marketing tool for us," says Zuzana Golisova, Short Term Rental Manager at Linde UK. Users can find out about how Linde UK can support their business with its Used and Short Term Rental offers. "Secondly, they can use the Truck Selector part of the App to find the perfect truck to suit their application.”

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