Integrating machines and processes – for intelligent systems

The physical and digital worlds are merging, things are starting to communicate with other things, the personalised product on the conveyor belt is no longer the stuff of fantasy. The magic words here are flexibility and efficiency. People are talking about the fourth industrial revolution. But there could be no Industry 4.0, no Industrial Internet of Things, without Intralogistics 4.0. This all revolves around automation, systems integration and fishing for information from an ocean of data, resulting in a seamless, flexible and efficient value creation process in the movement of goods. One of the major drivers behind this is the booming online retail sector, with its returns service and the trend towards same-day delivery of orders.

The KION Group is, of course, geared up for these changes. Intelligent and fully electronic control systems have long been a reality for us. We are networking machinery, products and processes, laying the foundations for Intralogistics 4.0, forintelligent supply chains in factories and warehouses. Fleet data management systems such as Linde’s ‘connect:’ or STILL’s FleetManager enable customers to make use of vast quantities of data about their trucks, including operating hours and energy consumption. The goal is higher efficiency and lower costs.

We already offered award-winning automation solutions such as the iGoEasy from STILL, but since Egemin Automation became KION’s seventh brand, our portfolio now includes all-encompassing intralogistics systems. And in the huge market of North America, Egemin expanded its own automation offerings at the start of 2016 by acquiring the systems integrator Retrotech – major milestones on our journey to the very top of a highly attractive market for automated logistics and materials flow systems.