Questioning the status quo – for optimum solutions

It is not often that a company gets the chance to rethink everything, but that’s precisely what we have done with the state-of-the-art KION plant in the Czech town of StÅ™íbro. Existing processes were scrutinised and, where necessary, redefined and, most importantly, networked and made transparent. We use computer technology to control, monitor and document processes. The local workers are well-trained, the infrastructure is excellent. These factors, combined with the local cost benefits, ensure efficient production at the site.

We are also investing in our core Linde and STILL plants in Aschaffenburg and Hamburg to optimise processes and to further streamline production. By 2021 a total of €83 million will have been put into the two facilities over the course of seven years. The goal is to further improve the competitiveness and cost efficiency of the core plants and to create the capacity for medium-term growth.

Besides making our production more efficient, we are always focused on using innovation to make our products more efficient and increasing the benefit for our customers. Fuel cell technology is a case in point. A truck takes just three minutes to fully refuel with hydrogen and then it’s ready to be used – for quiet, clean and efficient operation. KION’s premium brands, Linde and STILL, are also using highly promising lithium-ion battery technology. What makes this technology so valuable to customers is that it gives them constant performance, high productivity and low energy consumption. Ultimately, it gives them efficiency.