More equality in India

Building skills to escape poverty

In India, young women in rural areas often have no chance of receiving training, let alone of having a career. A bold project at KION India is changing all that.



It is a bold project, and one which sets an example for equality and equal opportunities in India. In 2016, KION India launched a campaign specifically to find and recruit young women from poor rural backgrounds to work in production at their plant in Pune, western India. The aim is to help them gain vocational qualifications, thereby providing them with a route out of poverty. Initially, barely a handful of young women came to Pune, some from several hundred kilometers away. But now several dozen are earning their living there, and not just on the assembly line. In the video, the female workers and Sunil Gupta, the CEO of KION India, explain how the idea developed. The KION annual report, which is published on March 1, 2018, tells the story of the young woman at the start of it all.