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Mobile first in the China market!

KION Group places the material handling needs of its customers at the top of its priorities. In a country where mobile digital technology has been integrated into nearly all aspects of daily life, Linde MH (China), together with KION APAC IT wanted to develop a few new mobile app solutions that would come closest to better satisfying customer needs.


WeChat Mini-store: integrating social media and e-commerce

In China, digital marketing has been proliferating in B2C business, and this is most successful when e-commerce platforms and social media platforms are combined. Companies have been cultivating customer relationships and expanding their marketing strategies while offering customers a value-added and convenient shopping experience.

Seeing the success in B2C, Linde MH (China) decided to leverage the platform combination in their B2B business. Since WeChat offers an integrated e-commerce platform, which has already been largely accepted by the Chinese population, it is not surprising that Linde MH makes use of the WeChat Mini-Store. Customers can be both companies’ “friends” and followers. They can like, share and chat with the company as well as visit the Mini-Store to make online purchases and pay with integrated WeChat-Pay.

“We have been using WeChat for years to share information and interact with our customers. And now they can enjoy a single-click order option as well as an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system,” explains Benny Zhang. He emphasized that the WeChat Mini-Store does not replace Linde’s online shops found on various e-commerce platforms; instead, it provides an additional option. “Social media interaction and multi-channel business models continually keep increasing in China. We also want to profit from this.”

Customer service app: Single-click troubleshooting

“Service made simple” was the goal when Linde MH (China) launched their customer service app. Service, including maintenance queries, fleet checks and repair requests can be registered quickly and transmitted directly to the service team. Customers receive updated status information on their service request. When maintenance or repairs are involved, instead of filling out forms, customers can simply scan the QR code label found on their forklifts, upload photos, access relevant information and then submit it.

When it comes to customer relationship management, chat apps are more commonly used. If solutions involving the integration of WeChat, map engine, QR code are aimed at enhancing customer centricity, then rewarding customers with bonus points is considered as an incentive for using the service app.

“Linde MH (China) really wants to encourage customers to use the app, leave feedback and share their experience on the social media platform, according to Yuanqing Huang, a senior service director at Linde China, adding, “Because it allows us to better identify a customer’s needs and expectations.”

E-rental goes mobile: Staying one step ahead

B2B apps for rentals and leasing business are generally still in the development. They require several complex process steps to make it beneficial and secure, yet they must be deployed in a simple and straightforward manner to customers.

“With the demand for forklifts from the rental market rapidly growing in China, we believe that service will be a major competitive factor. Developing a mobile-based, B2B business model with improved agility and convenience should hit the spot,” describes Haoming Wang, the head of DevOps and the Digital Campus KION APAC.

The dedicated Linde app for E-rental service is due to launch in 2021. The goal is to create a flexible experience to serve a greater diversity of customer needs, including leasing and both long- and short-term rentals. A further step involves flexible and integrated product offerings that allow customers to use any vehicle they choose.

“In China, the customer is truly ‘king’ and this attitude is reflected in their digital expectations: they want personalized service and rapid turnaround when communicating with us by smartphones.”

Benny Zhang, the Senior Director KION Group IT APAC