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'Spot on' solutions to meet special requirements

‘Safety first’ is more than just a saying when it comes to developing our products; it is also our top priority when rolling them out. It is also why our brands decided against attending LogiMAT 2020 before the trade show was finally cancelled. Thus, we are showcasing the most exciting new products right here – customized for optimal material handling in the continuing story of the journey to Industry 4.0


Maximum efficiency when space is minimal

Dematic’s Multishuttle (DMS) 2 E is the latest generation of its leading warehouse automation solution. The logistics system stores products, buffers and sequences them for order picking and compiling, and then promises an even better performance with improved accuracy. In addition to being compatible with all other DMS components, the new generation also offers the option of having two shuttles working together at the same level, which can rapidly increase performance.

Achieving the maximum available warehouse space is another key requirement for the intralogistics of the future. Coming not long after Dematic’s micro-fulfillment system, launched globally in late 2019, the automation specialist introduces its next space-saver: its all-new pallet storage system. It increases storage density by maximizing the height and depth where items can be stored. The system raises the throughput and order accuracy of production and distribution processes where space is limited.

Automated and autonomous helpers

Last year, KION brand STILL demonstrated its automation expertise by winning the 2019 IFOY Award in the ‘AGV & Intralogistics Robot’ category for its LTX 50 tugger train. When combined with LiftRunner frames for automatic loading and unloading, the LTX 50 can automatically manage material flow to supply entire production lines. In March 2020, the Hamburg-based company launches its OPX iGo neo, a new autonomous helper for warehouses. The OPX iGo neo acts as an independent assistant, following its operator autonomously and always stopping in the optimal picking position. Its cutting-edge sensors and sophisticated communication technology make it a reliable partner for its operator, while its on-board artificial intelligence ensures that its route and speed are always adapted to its environment and circumstances. As a result, operators can concentrate on their tasks, thus minimizing picking errors yet increasing productivity.

Reaching new heights in order picking

The compact STILL OXV vertical order picker, which comes in two models, with height-adjustable operator workspace, brings improved efficiency to manual order picking. It gives operators full access to the first and second rack levels from an ergonomic position up to a height of 2.8 meters. Various load carriers can be transported with the adjustable forks, including plastic pallets and single-use cardboard pallets. Overall, the new OXV vertical order picker offers greater flexibility, efficiency and throughput.

The new V08 vertical order picker from KION subsidiary, Linde Material Handling, is also impressive with higher pick rates, an ergonomic workspace and better protection for employees. Because companies handle picking in different ways, the V08 is available in two models. On the Linde V08-01, the forks are fixed to the operator’s platform and they have direct access to the load area. The second model, the Linde V08-02, has an additional lifting function with a capacity of 800kg. It allows operators to lift and lower the forks separately to place goods removed from the rack at a comfortable height on the pallet. Like the STILL OXV, the Linde V08 models are available with a lithium-ion battery as well as various assistance systems for greater convenience and safety.

Heads up! with a smart vest

Linde Material Handling has developed a unique interactive warning vest for the protection of pedestrians in warehouses and production areas. The smart garment incorporates a warning function and is based on Linde Safety Guard, a system which uses ultra-wideband (UWB) to transmit signals that are accurate to the centimeter, even through walls and doors. Truck operators can see on their device where the individuals are coming from and the pedestrian’s vest indicates that a vehicle is getting nearer by blinking, vibrating and making a noise. Collisions can thus be avoided by making truck operators and warehouse staff aware of each other.

Robust performance and impressive productivity

Over the next couple of months, KION subsidiary Baoli is launching two new forklifts in the value segment: the gas-powered KBG for payloads of 1.5 to 5 tonnes, and the diesel-powered KBD for payloads of 5 to 10 tonnes. Both are extremely versatile, while the quality of the components ensures that the trucks are highly reliable. Baoli customers in Germany and the rest of Europe can also depend on reliable service, thanks to a growing network of select dealers and a customized training programs for service staff.

Discover the newest online

So that you can easily discover the latest products from your PC or smartphone, the KION brands have created a number of digital channels featuring comprehensive webinars, live expert chat sessions, extensive product videos and detailed articles about their new products.

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