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KION in the Toy Industry

The forklift trucks of KION subsidiaries Linde, STILL, and Baoli exist not only in life size, but also in small versions. Whether as toy models, miniature ride-on trucks, remote controlled forklift trucks, or carved wooden works of art for the shelf: KION products can be found in many family homes.


Ever since our story about KION brands and their fans , we have discovered that people’s love for KION products knows no bounds. And the toy industry recognizes this too. Several leading toy manufacturers have decided to include our products in their range.

In doing so, they are looking at a wide range of designs to appeal to fans big and small—like the Linde HT160D with pallet and three pallet cages or the Linde H30 D with tow coupling and two pallets. Those in search of a bit more action are also covered, as remote control Linde forklift trucks are available too.

Forklift trucks for ‘car boxes’

Linde Forklift Trucks as Children’s Vehicles

In addition to miniature-sized model forklift trucks, there are also mini Linde forklift trucks designed for children so that they can drive around like grown-up forklift truck drivers. The forks can even be raised on the lift mast to allow them to transport pallets, making this the perfect forklift truck experience. So young intralogistics fans can already start practicing on Linde forklift trucks with their future careers in mind.

Children’s forklift trucks aren’t just great fun for little ones. This mini forklift truck is also used at career fairs and is the ultimate visitor attraction.

KION Brands as a Hobby: Home-Made Model Forklift Trucks and Automation Solutions

Italian carpenter Andrea Tachella took the manufacturing of a model forklift truck into his own hands. He invested 250 hours into building a Linde H30 forklift truck model out of wood. The result is very impressive and the level of detail hard to beat.

A love for forklift trucks - made out of wood.

It was a similar story for Linde fan Hans. Inspired by a Linde E100-180, he assembled a heavy truck out of hundreds of pieces of Lego—without any instructions or template to follow. Hans spent countless hours assembling the project while ensuring no parts were missing.

Thomas Jacobs is someone else with a rather unique talent. As a passionate model maker, he created the 3D model of Dematic’s SRU 1200 small parts warehouse from 160 individual parts in 500 hours. It was given to his colleagues as a gift for the 40th anniversary of his service and was met with great enthusiasm. Andrea, Hans and Thomas all go to show that love is in the detail.

Behind the Scenes: KION Forklift Trucks Are Helping the Toy Industry

To end with, we’re taking a sneak peak behind the scenes. Before we can actually order our favorite toys, they first have to find their way into the warehouse. And our forklift trucks are indispensable there, too. Brinquedos Bandeirante is one of the largest and most traditional Brazilian toy manufacturers. Its product range includes everything from prams and bicycles to scooters and pedal cars. The company uses 13 STILL forklift trucks to store and transport its products.

So it’s not just the miniature formats of KION brand products that make the hearts of adults and children alike go all aflutter. They also ensure that toys are available for purchase across the globe.