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Intralogistics is becoming more and more complex and good advice increasingly important. STILL sees potential here and is further expanding its business activities in areas related to its trucks. One example is a new workshop and training centre for warehouse equipment such as pallet trucks, pallet stackers and the self-driving horizontal order picker, the iGo neo. We talked to Sascha Jordan, who is responsible for coordinating sales training at STILL.

STILL is further expanding its truck-related business activities, and is offering more and more business services. Why is this change necessary?

Our customers value us because of our premium products. But, in future, they will expect even more of us as a business partner. Going forward, it will be necessary for us to offer a range of services in addition to our trucks. For example, offering suitable financing options, providing our customers with rental options and the required rental fleet at short notice to cover seasonal peaks in demand, or analysing and optimising the entire material flow.

No-one is more involved in customers' processes than customers themselves. We can take a step back and see the bigger picture. We can pass on our expertise and help them to improve their processes. By being able to help them in advance to make the right decision regarding the truck, the service and the process, we are clearly positioning ourselves as a partner and not only as a supplier.

"Our customers value us because of our premium products. But, in future, they will expect even more of us as a business partner."

Sascha Jordan

Responsible for coordinating sales training at STILL

When did STILL start offering these business services and what is the company aiming to achieve through this?

Business services have always been important for us. That is clear from our 'Partnerplan', which shows the full range of products and services we offer. Customers can use this not only to find out about our trucks, but also to find details of our aftersales and other services, as well as a wide range of financing options. We are now finding that customers are increasingly enquiring about our business services. Take the classic example of financing: in the past, trucks were generally bought or financed, whereas today leasing is playing an essential role.

Which consultancy services do you offer besides financing?

We advise on which truck should be deployed when, but we also analyse the customer's entire material flow. This requires us to look very closely at fleet capacity utilisation. Does the customer actually use the whole fleet? Is the fleet used to full capacity? Can we increase the capacity utilisation by doing without certain trucks or by using different trucks instead? We evaluate the data and information and can then provide advice on how to optimise the fleet.

Another key issue is lithium-ion batteries. This is still a fairly new drive technology in our industry, but it is causing customers to change the way they think and, going forward, our sales people will increasingly have to give advice on energy management. As a partner, we have to address the problems of our customers.

This creates the need for further business services, namely training courses and workshops for our customers. We can make our expertise available and help them to understand their processes even better. These could be, for example, training courses on trucks and their general areas of application so that the customer understands what options are actually available in our industry. Or these could also be special training topics that target the challenges of individual customers.

The workshop and training centre for class 3 trucks and the iGo neo is a new service. For what purpose was it built?

Our warehouse trucks and our self-driving horizontal order picker, the iGo neo CX 20, can be tested at the workshop and training centre by our customers and by our sales people under conditions that are as realistic as possible. Since September 2016, we have had a hall space of 1,300 square metres available to us for this purpose. We also have seminar rooms next door where we can hold workshops and training courses.

Talking or reading about a new product is one thing, but experiencing it at first hand is quite another. That applies both to our customers and our sales people. Having the workshop and training centre means that we have the opportunity to offer the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.


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