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As first announced in August of this year, the KION Group and Quicktron—an up-and-coming Chinese manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)—entered into what has now become a successful partnership. The M60, the first autonomous mobile robot from Linde Material Handling, with integrated Quicktron technology, successfully rolled off the production line in China on November 27, 2020. Production of the M100 model will take place in December. The strategic partnership has managed to obtain around 1000 m2 of research and production space dedicated to AMRs in Xiamen, China, to ensure that the joint product development can continue.

The market for automated trucks is growing rapidly. The use of driverless transport systems (DTS) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) is becoming increasingly important, not just in the Asia-Pacific region, but globally. “Quicktron and KION will continue to develop and produce together in the future to expand the automated truck product portfolio for our customers. This will help to strengthen the KION Group’s position in automated warehouse solutions,” explains Tobias Zierhut, Head of Mobile Automation at the KION GROUP AG.