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"Predicting the future is not magic, it's AI!"

That’s the view of Dave Waters from Supply Chain Today, who could not be more spot on in his description of the “next big thing” when it comes to what will likely have the greatest impact on production industries.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to bring an enormous range of technological benefits into our lives, which is why KION Digital Campus recently organized a Tech Night focused on AI, demonstrating possible applications within the KION Group. Three interactive, practical demonstrations showcased the possibilities within intralogistics.

AI Impressions: Theory and Entertainment

DALA – or data labeling – allowed participants to see how AI is ‘trained’ to build its knowledge base. They scanned pictures and provided the application with information whether the image was a forklift truck or a car. The more information about each image fed to the software, the more likely it can gradually accurately classify unknown images.

PIA, an interactive game, scans the faces of participants via computer vision, which is the science and technology of machines that can see. The challenge for each player is to express joy, anger and sadness in a very pronounced way using facial expressions. PIA analyses the expressions and assigns points according to the intensity of the emotions played. Of course, PIA also remembers player faces and can recognize them immediately when they start again.

Finally, SENA (sentimental analysis) is a web application which extracts emotional expressions from texts. The software, or AI, searches for the most relevant results, analyzes the transported mood and draws an informative mood picture.

AI will have a lasting influence on our company as a leading provider in intralogistics and it will help us to move forward.

Susanna Schneeberger

AI as a key component of our strategy

"AI will have a lasting influence on our company as a leading provider in intralogistics and it will help us to move forward," notes Susanna Schneeberger, Chief Digital Officer at the KION Group. "With Tech Night, AI is bringing us closer to the focus it will play in our daily work. Its expansion into our products and software solutions is an important part of our KION 2027 strategy and an area we are committed to exploring more deeply.”