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KION Battery Systems starts production of lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks

KION Battery Systems (KBS), a joint venture between KION GROUP AG and BMZ Holding GmbH, has started production of lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks. In the summer of 2019, the two companies announced a strategic partnership and the establishment of their own production facility in Karlstein am Main, where the BMZ Group is headquartered. The objective of the joint venture is to extend the lithium-ion product range of the KION Group’s brand companies and to expand production capacity in order to meet the rapidly growing demand for lithium-ion battery systems in the intralogistics market, especially in the EMEA region.


“Following the successful start of production, we will now focus on increasing capacity and developing new battery systems,” says Carsten Harnisch, CEO of KION Battery Systems. The production lines in the new 4,000m² factory building are capable of manufacturing more than 12,000 batteries a year, mainly for heavy-duty and high-performance forklifts and industrial trucks made by the KION Group brand companies. There are also administration, research, and warehouse areas. “The new production facilities at KBS will allow us to meet the increasing demand for modern lithium-ion batteries and offer customers a highly reliable supply of products,” says Christian Hasenstab, joint Managing Director of the new venture. The joint venture will benefit from the partners’ many years of experience and extensive expertise, and from the pooling of purchasing activities, especially with regard to lithium-ion cells. By 2023, the workforce at KION Battery Systems is expected to grow to around 150 employees working primarily in research, development, and production.

More than 12,000 batteries can be produced annually in the new factory building.

Strategic focus on energy

Under its KION 2027 strategy, the KION Group is also placing particular emphasis on energy and energy efficiency, as these are topics that the Group believes will have a significant influence on intralogistics and material handling. The Group’s global research and development activities focus on drive technologies of the future. KION’s product portfolio already comprises all manner of drive technologies, from internal combustion engines to lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, and even fuel cells. Electric drive systems are of particular importance, given that the KION Group, through its brand companies, is a leading provider of electric-powered forklift and warehouse trucks. Across its various brand companies, the KION Group has sold more than one million electric trucks in the past ten years.

Up to 150 people are to be employed at KBS by 2023.

Lithium-ion batteries offer a particular advantage for use in electric vehicles: In contrast with traditional lead-acid batteries, there is no need to swap batteries, because lithium-ion technology supports rapid charging and top-up charging. There have also been huge advances in the technological development of lithium-ion batteries. They are already a very attractive and cost-effective option in all areas where industrial trucks are used, especially where facilities operate an intensive shift schedule. The batteries are suitable even for heavy-duty trucks that carry substantial loads.

The lithium-ion battery convinces with short charging times.

BMZ was founded by its current CEO, Sven Bauer, 25 years ago and has played a leading role in the development of lithium-ion batteries since the early days of this technology. With a very broad-based supply chain, the BMZ Group is perfectly positioned on the international stage and can access high-quality, mature products with stable supply concepts, thanks to its long-standing business relationships with cell manufacturers.