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KION and Baoli celebrate ten years together

According to a Chinese proverb, with a friend at your side, no journey is ever too long. And the journey is even better when partners jointly achieve remarkable milestones as is the case with Chinese forklift truck manufacturer Baoli, a member of the KION Group celebrating its tenth anniversary.


Baoli became an official member of the KION Group exactly ten years ago, evolving into an international brand under the aegis of our worldwide organization. This has been a win-win for both: “Baoli complements perfectly the value segment of our portfolio, and plays a crucial role in our KION 2027 strategy. This also contributes value to our other brands,” stated Gordon Riske, CEO of the KION Group. In fact, the Group has, with Baoli under its wing, long since established itself as the largest international forklift manufacturer in China.

Baoli is a success story. We are very proud of the fantastic journey Baoli has made.

Gordon Riske, Chief Executive Officer

From China to all four corners of the globe

Baoli was established in Jingjiang in Jiangsu Province, near Shanghai, in 2003. Since its acquisition by the KION Group, the business has flourished. Some 600 professionals are employed in production, making forklift trucks powered by combustion engines and electric motors, with load capacity ratings up to 10 metric tons. The company has an automated paint shop, a vehicle assembly line and a production line for key components – solid foundations for future growth. “In the past ten years, Baoli has continuously aspired to the quality standards and shared values of the KION Group. This has allowed us to successfully expand our product portfolio and to better address our customer needs,” concludes Wren Zhu, President at Baoli. During its 10-year integration in the KION Group, the Chinese enterprise has rapidly become an international brand and gained a foothold in many very promising markets. Baoli is now not only active in Asia, but has also cast its broad service network further afield, selling products in more than 80 countries. In 2018, orders reached nearly 10,000 Baoli vehicles; a milestone that underscores the progress that has been made.

Equipped for future growth

The ceremony marking the historic anniversary was timed to coincide with the annual dealer meeting in Jingjiang and was a welcome opportunity for the production team to unveil the latest models and invite attendees to test drive them. The models are the foundation for Baoli’s bright future, as KION Chief Asia Pacific Officer, Ching Pong Quek notes: “Baoli is key to the KION 2027 strategy and is planning to launch a variety of new products, expand capacity and automate production processes. In addition, it will continue to raise health, safety and environmental standards at its locations and develop highly skilled employees through training.” He also stressed how important collaboration within the KION Group is for the success of the individual brands. The goal is “for the resources at the KION Group, and in particular Linde China and Dematic, to help Baoli products appeal to an even larger customer segment.” Indeed, Baoli is well equipped for future growth and ready to expand and evolve with its customers over the next ten years.