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Logistics awards for KION brands Linde MH and STILL

Red and orange are the colors of choice for customers in the transport and logistics sectors—at least, that is according to the results of this year’s VerkehrsRundschau Image Rankings. Each year, the well-known trade magazine for transport and logistics recognizes the most popular brands in the industry with its Image Awards. This year’s awards even saw a KION brand come out on top for the first time, in the “Forklift Champion” category.


VerkehrsRundschau (VR), one of the German-speaking world's best-known industry trade magazines, is holding its Image Awards for suppliers of commercial vehicles and products and services from the logistics sector for the eleventh time in 2021.

Since 2002, when Springer Fachmedien München GmbH and publishing house Heinrich Vogel first presented the Image Award in the “Forklift trucks, handling and warehouse equipment” category, KION subsidiary Linde Material Handling has claimed first place every single year. This year is no exception: Linde MH has once again won the prestigious award, followed closely by sister brand STILL, which claimed second place in the VR Image Ranking.

The VR Image Ranking is the only survey of decision-makers in the transport and logistics industry which is run by an independent market research institute. The objective is to establish which brands have the best image. At the end of a lengthy adjudication process, the panel of fleet managers select their favorite brands.

In addition to the Image Awards, the new award “Forklift Champion” was also awarded for the first time at this year’s VR Gala. Based on the established VR forklift truck tests in the category for electric forklift trucks up to 3.5 tons carried out over the preceding 24 months, the forklift truck with the best overall score was named “VR Forklift Champion.” In the forklift truck test, STILL’s RX 20-16/P led the field in this category by some distance with an overall score of 1.4 (very good), thus taking first place on the podium.

Linde MH has once again won the prestigious Image Award of the VerkehrsRundschau.

Image Award: Twelve Categories and 112 Manufacturers

The awards are decided based on a survey of fleet managers, which asks them about the image of the major suppliers for commercial vehicles, products, and services and is conducted by independent market research institute Interrogare on behalf of VerkehrsRundschau. The current survey considers 112 brands and companies, divided into 12 categories in the survey list and selected according to their profile and the scope of their presence, as well as other factors. To complete the survey, Interrogare determines the profile of the brands and whether there was a specific customer relationship with the brand being surveyed during the previous two years. The first-placed brands are then presented with an Image Award by VerkehrsRundschau.

STILL won the new Forklift Champion Award 2021 of the VerkehrsRundschau.

Forklift Champion: Tested in 17 Categories

VerkehrsRundschau (VR) has been carrying out practical testing on forklift trucks for many years. The VR forklift truck test consists of two parts, which test the performance and user-friendliness of the trucks. On a standardized course, the three test drivers, all of whom are full-time logistics experts with at least 20 years’ forklift experience, test the trucks using 17 criteria, which affect the handling capacity. The dynamic test on the course also provides information about the trucks’ energy consumption and performance. The final element of the test is a simulation replicating the loading and unloading of a semitrailer with a total of 32 europallets and a test weight of 800 kilograms.