Key Figures

Global Player and Market Leader in Europe

The KION Group is a global player. We have 30,000 employees around the world and a tightly linked distribution network. We are the largest manufacturer of industrial trucks in Europe, the second-largest producer of forklifts globally, and a leading provider of warehouse automation.

The Executive Board manages the KION Group on the basis of the following segments: Industrial Trucks & Services, Supply Chain Solutions and Corporate Services.

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in € million 2017 2016 2015 2014
Order intake 7,979.1 5,833.1 5,215.5 4,771,2
Revenue 7,653.6 5,587.2 5,097.9 4,677.9
EBITDA adjusted [1]
EBITDA[1] margin
16.0 %
16.7 %
16.7 %
16.7 %
EBIT adjusted [1]
EBIT[1] margin
10.0 %
9.6 %
9.5 %
9.5 %
Net income 426.4 246.1 221.1 178.2
Capital expenditure [2] 218.3 166.7 142.6 133.1
Free cash flow [3] 378.3 –1,850.0 332.7 305.9
Total R&D spending
in % of total revenue
2.8 %
2.6 %
2.6 %
2.6 %
Net financial debt 2,095.5 2,903.4 573.5 810.7
Employees as at 31 December
(FTE, including apprentices & trainees)
31,608 30,544 23,506 22,669

[1] EBIT and EBITDA adjusted for PPA items and non-recurring items
[2] Capital expenditure including capitalised development costs, excluding leased and rental assets
[3] Free cash flow is defined as cash flow from operating activities plus cash flow from investing activities; Last year figures were adjusted due to a change in presentation, for details see ,Additional information of the condensed statement of cash flows’

The Industrial Trucks & Services segment encompasses forklift trucks, warehouse technology and related services, including complementary financial services. It pursues a multi-brand strategy involving the three international brands Linde, STILL and Baoli plus the three regional brands Fenwick, OM STILL and OM Voltas.

Industrial Trucks & Services is made up of four operating units that cover the KION Group’s existing industrial truck business: Linde Material Handling EMEA and STILL EMEA, which each concentrate on Europe, the Middle East and Africa, plus KION APAC and KION Americas, which hold cross-brand responsibility for the Asia-Pacific region, and for North and South America, respectively.

To the segment report of the Annual Report 2017

The Supply Chain Solutions segment encompasses integrated technology and software solutions that are used to optimise supply chains. Manual and automated solutions are provided for all functions along customers’ supply chains, from goods inward and multishuttle warehouse systems to picking and value-added packing. The Supply Chain Solutions segment comprises the Dematic brand.

To the segment report of the Annual Report 2017

The Corporate Services segment comprises holding companies and other service companies that provide services such as IT and logistics across all segments.

To the segment report of the Annual Report 2017