Dinklage (Germany)


Eisengießerei Dinklage GmbH
In der Bahler Heide 5
49413 Dinklage

Eisengießerei Dinklage GmbH is a system supplier for counterweights of the KION Group. At the site in Dinklage (Germany), castings with unit weights of 500 to 10,000 kilograms are produced in 3-shift operation. Two cold blast cupola furnaces with an average melting capacity of 10 tons per hour are available for cast iron production.

The castings are manufactured using the cold-resin molding process in partially automated production. Later, the parts are mechanically machined, painted and partially pre-assembled in further steps at the plant. Final assembly then takes place at other KION plants. In addition to Dinklage, counterweights for the KION Group's truck brands are also manufactured in Weilbach (Germany).