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Trainees for 2021 Start Work

Training placements offer many benefits for young people—earning their own living, amassing practical experience in the world of work, and collaborating as part of a team being just a few examples. Linde Material Handling, STILL, and Dematic have inspired more than 100 young trainees at their major sites to join the KION Group for their training. From Augsburg to Aschaffenburg to Hamburg, the trainees began working towards their dream career at the start of August/September. The three companies offer over 25 different vocational training and work-study programs in total.


More than 100 trainees and work-study students who are starting their training at various German sites were given a warm welcome to the KION Group this fall. To help them get started, Linde Material Handling, STILL, and Dematic is holding “Welcome Days” or induction weeks for the new starters. A range of induction and information events, as well as some hands-on educational days, are also being held to help the new recruits settle in. This gives the incoming trainees their first look at the company in question and allows them to familiarize themselves with the key products and the company’s philosophy. The program also includes instruction in current safety and prevention standards, plant tours, and introductions to different professional and learning environments for the training and study programs. After that, all the trainees will move on to their specialist courses or departments, where they will receive comprehensive support from trainers and seminars for their personal and professional development.

Why should you apply for a training place? Here are five good reasons:

1) You get to be part of a great team!

2) You will gain practical professional experience in our training centers right from the start, instead of just learning the theory.

3) You will earn your own money.

4) Your chances of subsequently gaining a permanent position are high.

5) You will have contact with others, giving you the chance to build a professional network, which can be very useful as your career progresses.

Outstanding Training Combined with Top-Quality Employer in STILL

Finding qualified young recruits is a challenge, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic: many job fairs and school visits have been canceled, which has made it more difficult to speak with school students in person. However, STILL’s concerns in Hamburg about finding capable trainees proved unfounded: “We’re in a fortunate position as there is huge interest in training at STILL and we have once again succeeded in attracting some very talented young people to our company this year. We intend to train them all to become excellent innovators,” stresses Jan Wehlen, Training Manager at STILL. Fifty-three new trainees are starting their professional training at STILL in six different traineeships, including in the fields of mechatronics, industrial mechanics, warehouse logistics, and in commercial occupations. STILL will also be training a materials tester for the first time this year. In addition to this, there are six new work-study students in Hamburg on programs such as business administration, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and IT. The work-study program for industrial engineering in the construction and real estate sector is also new.

All in all, this means that, as of the start of training year 2021 and across all trainee year groups, STILL is currently training 220 young talents based at nine sites in seven different traineeships and seven work-study programs. STILL has won multiple accolades in recent years for its excellent training program. The company has even been awarded the distinction of “Top Employer Germany” from the internationally renowned “Top Employers Institute” for the tenth year running.

Steel, sheet metal, a tool and you: During training as a construction mechanic, components are manufactured, welding systems are operated and robots are programmed.

Shaping the Future of Intralogistics by Training at Linde Material Handling

Turning our attention to southern Germany, Linde Material Handling is also proving popular, attracting a large number of applicants. The 38 new trainees at Linde Material Handling in Aschaffenburg fought off competition from an average of nine other applicants for each training place. In total, 350 school leavers applied for one of the 11 traineeships on offer. From warehouse logistics specialists to materials testers through to mechatronics engineers, Linde MH offers all sorts of courses focusing on system solutions, forklift trucks, and warehouse trucks. In addition to this, 90 candidates applied for one of ten sought-after work-study places. The work-study program is run by Linde Material Handling in cooperation with Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (Dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg—DHBW). Studying and training are conducted in small groups on a block-by-block basis at the university and at Linde MH. Candidates can apply for a three-year work-study program in one of ten specialist fields. There are currently 140 trainees and work-study students in training at Linde MH in various professions relating to intralogistics across all year groups.

All project-integrated training has one fixed element at Linde MH in that the trainees work independently in cross-departmental teams to improve processes and procedures within the company. While doing so, they learn to apply a methodical approach to their work and acquire important social skills. For outstanding trainees, there is also the opportunity for a four-week placement at one of Linde MH’s locations around the world, explains Christopher Klix, Head of Professional Training at Linde Material Handling in Aschaffenburg.

A production mechanic at KION Group loves technology and assembles our forklift models according to customer requirements. That means: tinkering, screwing, handling with high-tech every day.

Forging Ahead with Digitalization: Young IT Trainees at Dematic

Two trainees will also be embarking on their professional lives in Augsburg in September. They will be learning all about software, apps, and IT services as part of their training to become IT specialists in applications development. Over the next three years, the trainees will gain practical experience in software development for intralogistics, as well as learning how to test software and advise and instruct users correctly.

Interested in a Apprenticeship or Training Program?

If so, you can find further information on training, work-study programs, and career opportunities at the leading intralogistics supplier on the KION website or on the recruiting platforms of our subsidiaries Linde Material Handling, STILL, and Dematic: