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KION Group achieves good order intake and revenue in the first half of the year

KION GROUP AG closed the first half of the 2022 financial year with good order intake and revenue. However, the operating result of the intralogistics group was impacted in the first six months of this year by the sharp rise in material, energy and logistics costs and the ongoing disruptions in supply chains. In addition, there have been more Covid lockdowns, which affected the Asian region in particular. The war in Ukraine also further exacerbated the situation in the second quarter of 2022. The KION Group has already completely halted all product deliveries to Russia and Belarus in both operating segments in the first quarter, including the supply of spare parts and related services.


"In order to actively counter the current challenges - especially supply bottlenecks and increased material, energy and logistics costs - and to sustainably strengthen the resilience of our business, we have taken numerous substantial measures in both operating segments," says Rob Smith, Chief Executive Officer of KION GROUP AG. "These include strengthening our supplier network, dynamic pricing, extending leases to ensure the continued availability of industrial trucks for our customers, and even more flexible production processes at our plants."

In the first half of 2022, KION Group’s order intake rose by 13.1 percent to € 6.655 billion (previous year: € 5.882 billion). This level of momentum continued in the second quarter—not least due to the continuation of strong growth trends in the intralogistics industry (online trade, urbanization, demographic change and increasing customer requirements in terms of delivery speeds). Currency effects had a positive impact of € 179.2 million on the value of orders received at the KION Group. The order backlog increased further in the second quarter and amounted to € 7.941 billion at the mid-year mark (end of 2021: € 6.658 billion). As well as the high volume of new orders, crucial factors here included the significantly longer delivery times for industrial trucks in the Industrial Trucks & Services segment.

At € 5.537 billion, the Group’s revenue was 11.4 percent higher than at mid-2021 (€ 4.968 billion). As in the previous quarter, the increase in revenue still resulted largely from the order book of the previous year and positive development within the service business. Overall, compared to the previous year, the proportion of the Group’s revenue coming from services increased to 40.5 percent (previous year: 40.0 percent). The Group’s revenue was positively influenced by currency effects totaling € 190.7 million.

Adjusted EBIT fell to € 311.7 million (previous year: € 462.2 million). The adjusted EBIT margin dropped significantly to 5.6 percent (previous year: 9.3 percent). At € 159.8 million, net income was significantly lower than the previous year (€ 291.2 million). This includes special effects from Russian business (after tax) of € 30 million in total already recognized in the first quarter.

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