Listening to our customers. Understanding their problems. Even anticipating them. Taking the initiative. Finding the right solutions. This is what we do. Innovation is one of the key areas of action in our KION 2027 strategy. Whether it's energy efficiency, automation, or digitalization – within our industry we are at the forefront and set the trends of the future.

Research & development

Global expertise

We use our immense capacity for innovation every day to make sure our customers have a decisive edge over the competition. We have research and development teams on every continent. They work together on finding the best possible solutions for the requirements of today and tomorrow in intralogistics, within traditional production processes, and in the handling of goods and packages in e-commerce. In companies large and small, in all sectors and on all continents. The KION Group is an exceptionally strong innovation network where new solutions and products for the intralogistics of tomorrow are created.

Digital & Beyond


The future, today

The digital revolution is transforming intralogistics and opening up new opportunities. Digital solutions enable our customers – and us – to develop completely new business models. With networked and autonomous industrial trucks, automated warehouse systems and integrated software solutions, we are helping our customers to make their logistics processes more efficient. We provide the infrastructure that enables them to maximize the value of performance data and lots of other information.

Our magical forces behind the scenes

Using the latest developments in robotics, we are creating technical solutions that can improve processes, and are paving the way for the fully automated warehouse of the future. We see our role as that of a fully integrated provider offering customers a wide range of solutions from a single source. In an increasingly networked world, no single product can be the answer to all our customers' needs. Expanding our expertise in the area of digitalization is our top priority.

KION Digital Campus

Far from being a vision of the future, digital transformation in industry and commerce is already a reality today. It demands new business models, solutions, and ways of working. We set up the Digital Campus to focus on – and proactively develop – such new approaches.

KION Invest

KION Invest is the link between the KION Group and the global start-up ecosystem.


KION Group IT is a global team of experts working in a number of sites in Germany, UK, France, Italy, US and China.

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