KION Group IT Offers Exciting Job Opportunities Worldwide

KION Group IT is the technical heart of the group. Our colleagues in this department develop pioneering IT services that are capable of driving KION Group’s global business forward, as well as ensuring highly efficient internal processes are in place. And they are always on the lookout for new talents to strengthen their international teams.

A conventional view of IT might conjure up images of computers that refuse to start up, forgotten PIN codes for business cellphones, or e-mail accounts that are not syncing properly. In these cases, anyone needing technical assistance during their day-to-day work can turn to the company's internal IT hotline. “Is there anyone who isn’t all too familiar with these situations?” says Carsten Engelbrecht with a wink. As Executive Vice President (EVP) of KION Group IT, he knows that when most colleagues ask IT for assistance, they tend to think of on-site support. “Of course, we make sure that all KION Group employees can go about their daily business with everything functioning smoothly. We provide support in the form of the latest software and hardware and thereby offer a reliable platform to enable each and every one of them to contribute to the success of the company. But that is just one of the many activities carried out by the IT department."

Internal IT Service Provider

Globalization and digital transformation pose major new challenges for logistics processes. KION Group is continually working to meet the required standards. “As a subsidiary of KION GROUP AG, KION Group IT provides first-class solutions and IT services,” explains Engelbrecht. “Our international teams work tirelessly every day to support our Group as it successfully navigates a constantly changing technological landscape. As an internal IT service provider, we develop innovative digital solutions for our internal customers to help them reach their strategic goals—and help determine the direction of the market.”

The IT experts work closely with the Group’s different brands and ensure that they are able to carry on implementing growth strategies in their respective markets. They provide the highest levels of efficiency when it comes to both controlling logistics processes and manufacturing industrial trucks, thereby enabling their customers to deliver solutions today to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Working for KION Group IT

“Digitalization and innovation underpin all areas of our business and remain the focus for the wide range of projects we work on,” says Engelbrecht. Be it the provision of infrastructure and applications, or software development and e-commerce, our experts use the most advanced platforms and solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Azure Cloud, Salesforce, Java, and SAP S/4HANA.

KION Group IT currently has around 800 employees working at over 50 sites worldwide. “This means that we have collaboration between teams all around the world, so there is never a dull moment,” explains Engelbrecht. “We are always on the lookout for new IT talent. Nowadays, more and more women are also interested in IT.”

Are you interested in a job in IT?

No matter if you are an IT manager, consultant, data architect or cyber security expert: We are looking for you! Find a job in the IT departments of the KION Group and our brands worldwide. We look forward to receiving your application and meeting you.
Find your job in IT.

The experience of work-study student Jasmin Elvers shows how important young up-and-coming talent is in the world of IT. Jasmin only recently completed her studies in business information systems at KION Group IT in Germany and was then offered a permanent position. The development prospects are what she values most at KION: “At KION Group IT, there is a big focus on the personal development of individual employees. During our annual reviews, we actively discuss personal strengths and weaknesses with our manager and work together to define milestones and set objectives for our career progression.”

Pia Bachmann, now IT Communications & Change Manager at KION Group IT, also had a similar experience. She was offered a permanent position after working at KION Group IT as a student employee while working on her master’s thesis. “As part of our IT training curriculum, which we are continually expanding and adapting to new developments in IT, we offer our employees in the IT department access to a vast range of training opportunities to help them develop further with regard to their career goals and personal interests. I see a big opportunity here—both for employees themselves and the company as a whole,” says Bachmann.

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