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A shield of defense: Personal protection for peace of mind

If you work in a warehouse, it's highly probable that you'll need to manoeuvre through narrow aisles. Government regulations are in place to dictate personal safety system (PSA) requirements and necessary components, all aimed at creating a safer and more comfortable workplace. However, continuous improvement is the key to safety. That's precisely why companies like STILL Germany, a crucial member of the KION group, are actively engaged in innovative endeavours to enhance these systems even further.


Envision a warehouse PSA as a resilient shield. Government regulations sculpt this shield, crafting safety standards for a secure workplace. Much like knights steadfastly fortify their shields, companies like STILL, akin to skilled armorers, consistently reinforce these safeguards, ensuring unrivalled peace of mind. Let's explore these fortifications in detail.

Personal Protection System: The Basics

Before we explore what sets STILL apart with their PSAs, it's crucial to understand their purpose. A PSA is a vital safety measure in narrow-aisle environments designed to protect individuals. Governed by legal standards like DIN 15185-2 in Germany, PSAs come in two primary forms: stationary warning systems fixed in narrow aisles and mobile protective devices mounted on equipment. These systems include features like speed control and physical separation for worker safety, thanks to alarms at aisle entrances, audible alerts, and automatic emergency exit alarms.

STILL's adoption of the mobile PSA hinges on the use of Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, which are orientation points or tracking transponders that provide several significant advantages. For example, RFID tags are exceptionally robust and capable of fulfilling safety-critical roles effectively. They are well-shielded from external factors, being seamlessly integrated into the floor. Their flexibility allows them to work with guidance systems, such as the iGo Pilot Navigation – advantages that collectively contribute to enhancing safety in warehouse operations.

In other words, the Mobile PSA is like a high-tech puzzle; every piece must fit flawlessly, and RFID tags are versatile connectors.

Personal Protection System: Practice makes perfect

"The concept is straightforward: When someone enters a narrow aisle, our laser scanners detect any potential dangers. In the event of a violation of the protective field, the vehicle brakes down to a standstill within the 9-meter protective field. If the warning field is breached, the vehicle's speed is reduced to 2.5 km/h, allowing for safer navigation," explained Maren Schwabe, Sales Trainer at ILS STILL EMEA. She highlighted a unique feature of the STILL PSA, saying, "What sets our STILL PSA apart is its extended protection radius of 9 meters, exceeding the government-regulated 7 meters, allowing us to detect issues much earlier."

While the wider scanning range is impressive, according to Schwabe, it's not the only benefit that STILL offers. She emphasized that personnel undergo continuous comprehensive training on the company's PSAs to gain in-depth knowledge of the system and safety measures.

In simpler terms, this training is like the cherry on top, providing employees with added peace of mind.

Personal Protection System: The future is calling

It's safe to say (no pun intended) that STILL's PSAs and training methods make employees feel safer and more comfortable, ultimately boosting work output and effectiveness. However, the question remains whether STILL can further enhance its systems to push safety to its limits. According to Schwabe, the answer is a definite "yes."

"The systems are continuously being improved. Ongoing optimization efforts include expanding the use of warning fields outside of aisles and adding more sensors. In other words, these systems will soon get a facelift," said Schwabe.

As one can imagine, this "facelift" will improve safety even more, reducing the risk of accidents beyond its already impressive level. It's like adding an extra layer of stone to an already robust fortress. The wall is tough to breach, and after these reinforcements, it will be even harder to break.

The safety shield that ends in peace

In this high-stakes dance between people and pallets, safety isn't just about meeting standards – it's about pushing the boundaries. KION Group’s STILL and its commitment to innovation ensures that these systems not only keep you safe but also make your workplace more comfortable and productive.

As we journey through this ever-evolving industry, their drive for safety and innovation keeps the thrill alive, making sure you can navigate those narrow aisles with confidence and style.