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Urban Logistics: What cities can learn from warehouses

In our "Urban Logistics" series, we look at the flow of goods, urban development and the last mile. We discover the city as a living space as well as parallels and interfaces with the world of warehousing since intralogistics could offer solutions for the last mile.



Markus Schmermund, Vice President Automation & Intralogistics Solutions at Linde Material Handling, and Daniel Jarr, Concepting Engineer Technology & Innovation at Dematic, about the challenges facing the urban logistics. (In German)


Maik Manthey, Senior Vice President Digital Business at KION Group, Andreas Löwe, Business Development Manager at AutoStore and Brigitte Strathmann, head of the "Mobile Future" project in Osnabrück, talk about what cities can learn from warehouses - and vice versa.


Markus Schmermund about solutions that intralogistics may have for the last mile.