Compliance at KION

"Integrity is one of our shared KION Group values and the principle upon which our business is based. By aligning our actions with ethical and compliance standards and sustainability, we can build trust and protect our reputation."

As a company with operations around the world, KION has corporate social responsibility toward its customers, employees, financial backers, and the general public.

This corporate social responsibility requires KION to comply with all applicable laws, to respect ethical values, and to act in a sustainability-oriented manner everywhere and at all times.

The CMS is a pool of comprehensive measures which help to ensure that our business activities are always compliant with all relevant legal and statutory requirements and in keeping with our internal values and policies. The system also helps us to consolidate responsible thinking and acting in the mindset of all KION employees for the long term.

The preventive measures include a compliance risk assessment, policies and procedures, and extensive training and advice for our employees. Channels for reporting signs of compliance breaches such as the external whistleblowing system, internal reporting channels, and professional and fair investigations are essential for the identification and resolution of misconduct. A clear and decisive response and rigorous consequences serve to punish misconduct and remedy any weaknesses. The compliance responsibility borne by all of our managerial staff is an overarching feature of our CMS.

In the event of a compliance breach, competent staff from the compliance organization analyze the context and causes of this breach. The findings from the analysis are used to identify and remedy any weaknesses in the compliance program. The identification of compliance breaches is therefore used for the continued improvement and further development of the compliance system. This enables the KION Group to maintain a sustainable and effective integrity and compliance program.

The Executive Board of KION GROUP AG is collectively responsible for the Group’s compliance management system. The CEO is directly responsible for the compliance function. The department is headed by the Chief Compliance Officer. The CCO and his team are responsible for the further development of the compliance management system and for providing advice, information, and corresponding training on compliance-related topics. The compliance department supports the managerial staff in charge of the Operating Units in the implementation of the compliance program.

The individual units have dedicated local and regional compliance representatives at their respective locations, who ensure that all activities within their relevant entity or region comply with statutory and regulatory requirements. These representatives are the point of contact for any questions in relation to potential compliance breaches. They form the Group-wide KION compliance team and their activities are controlled by the Group’s central compliance department. There should be one full-time compliance officer for each Operating Unit, and each of them should report directly to the Chief Compliance Officer. Regular conference calls and personal visits to the individual locations serve to maintain a continuous exchange of information. In addition, a Compliance Day is held on an annual basis. All employees across the Group who are involved in compliance activities are required to participate in this event.

Dematic, which we acquired last year, has also been fully integrated in the KION compliance organization and has its own dedicated full-time compliance officer.

As part of its work, the compliance department at KION Group cooperates closely with the legal, internal audit, and human resources departments. The heads of these departments are therefore also members of the KION compliance committee. This committee is a cross-functional board whose primary responsibility is to handle any tip-offs concerning compliance issues, to manage the corresponding investigations, and to discuss the necessary sanctions in response to any identified compliance breach.

The compliance management system of the KION Group is modeled on audit standard 980 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW PS 980). The focus is on preventing compliance breaches. Through regular and ad-hoc audits, Group Internal Audit ensures that the compliance requirements of the KION Group are met by all of its subsidiaries.

Reliable reporting channels for internal and external stakeholders help to ensure that any potential misconduct is reported, thoroughly investigated, and resolved. The KION Group offers a variety of reporting channels to internal and external whistleblowers in order to facilitate the identification of potential compliance breaches.

If you have specific, substantiated evidence of a severe breach of the law or of other regulations at KION or at a KION subsidiary, or have reason to suspect that one has occurred, then you can contact the relevant compliance department of KION GROUP AG using the following methods:

By email to:

By post to:

Corporate Compliance
Thea-Rasche-Strasse 8
60549 Frankfurt am Main

KION GROUP AG will follow up all tip-offs, and we guarantee the utmost confidentiality and fairness toward the whistleblower during our investigations. This also applies to any employee who may be under investigation.

In addition to the contact methods mentioned above, there is also an external whistleblower hotline:

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