Establishing and maintaining a collaborative relationship with our suppliers is important to us, and transparency provides a reliable basis for this. That is why we make a wide range of important information available for our suppliers to download.

General Purchasing Conditions

We have defined a specific requirements profile for close, collaborative relationships with suppliers. As part of this, both sides must accept and adhere to the KION Code of Compliance and to the principles of supplier behavior. The General Purchase Conditions form an integral part of contracts between suppliers and KION GROUP AG and its subsidiaries.

Supplier Portal e-source

KION e-source is our web-based tendering and supplier management platform that brings all relevant departments and suppliers together in one virtual place and enables us to collaborate digitally.

With our supplier portal KION e-source, you will be able to

  • independently update your company's data & contact persons,
  • enable yourself to participate and be considered for suitable tenders in the future and receive invitations and access to electronic RFQs,
  • gain easier access to performance indicators,
  • receive more targeted, efficient two-way information exchange using state-of-the-art interactive templates and workflows,
  • immediately view results of joint activity.

Take a look at our Change Story and experience selected use cases. Enjoy the journey!

How to use KION e-source. See our quick guides.

In case you have problems with the self registration please contact:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Through the electronic interchange of structured business data, such as delivery call-offs, purchase orders, or invoices, we support efficient communication between our brand companies and their customers and suppliers.

Production Part Approval Process (KION PPAP)

The Production Part Approval Process (KION PPAP) is a key element of product and production approval. KION PPAP is based on IATF 16949, while KION plant standard WN 50 020 specifies the requirements and timelines.

The objectives of KION PPAP are:

  • A collaborative relationship between the KION Group and our suppliers.
  • A clear specification of the supplier parts by the KION Group.
  • The implementation of the requirements by the supplier.
  • The documentation of the outcome by the supplier.
  • The safeguarding of quality from day one of full production.

External Tooling Approval Process (KION ETAP)

The External Tooling Approval Process (ETAP) is a structured method for monitoring and support of the industrialization phase for tooling at supplier side with a standardized KION process.

The KION plant standard 50 040 contains the essential elements and general requirements for the release of externally manufactured and used tools. It describes the process and the respective responsibilities, specifically of the suppliers, and applies to all business units of the 'Industrial Trucks & Services' segment and the suppliers affected by this process.

The objectives of ETAP are:

  • Support for suppliers in the industrialization of Toolings
  • A common understanding of tooling requirements
  • Reduce Industrialization time by follow-up with/at supplier
  • Assure higher maturity for the Approval of External Toolings
  • Realization of the requirements by the supplier
  • Documentation of the results by the supplier

KION ETAP makes a valuable contribution to our collaboration with Suppliers.

Logistics Terms and Conditions

The Logistics Terms and Conditions (“LTC”) for our Operating Unit KION ITS EMEA define the necessary requirements for the delivery of products with regards to our Industrial Trucks & Services segment.

The Logistics Terms and Conditions describe all technical and operational aspects of a successful collaboration from product development phase to serial production and in the spare parts business. Furthermore, the Logistics Terms and Conditions describe how we as KION Group assesses and improves the collaboration with our suppliers.

The rules of the Logistics Terms and Conditions shall apply additional to any other agreements made with the supplier relating to supply and purchase of products by the KION Group (e. g. Frame Supply Agreement). We order solely based on our Logistics Terms and Conditions. Terms and conditions of the SUPPLIER which differ, conflict or are additional to the LTC of KION are not accepted and shall not apply, unless KION has agreed to them expressly.

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